OBJECTIVES: To create awareness about climate change to the community, it’s effect on diet for prevention and control of Diabetes mellitus.


Climate change has no special relevance to Nigeria in the eyes of many Nigerians. It is perceived as an issue exclusively for the Western World or the wealthy to worry about. Despite the presence of obvious changes like incessant flooding, drought, unpredictable rainfall.

Research generally shows that although African Citizens are the least responsible for climate change, they will be among the most affected. The challenges of drought and other weather effects is greatly affecting food production in Nigeria, hence it is a difficult task to put together balanced diet for effective prevention and control of Diabetes mellitus.

This and other challenges introduces the concept of my project the Diabetes Kitchen. The Diabetes Kitchen is a home away from home. Dietary needs of persons living with diabetes is adequately carted for putting into consideration blood glucose control. Needs of newly diagnosed diabetics are also handled with appropriate consultation with dieticians. Persons at risk of diabetes and those who want to eat right are conveniently taken care of in this kitchen The Diabetes Kitchen being a noble innovation in my community is meant to guide the society in eating right to live a full and fulfilled life.

The kitchen will employ persons living with Diabetes especially with financial challenges like widows and orphans to enable them procure their monthly medication.

The Diabetes kitchen will depend solely on environmentally clean source of energy example solar, use of biogas for cooking and a garden for vegetables and fruits.

This project will provide job opportunities for many families and as well capable of generating income for its sustenance.

My organization will be responsible for coordination of the project from beginning stage to state of readiness for take - off by independent management with appropriate collaboration with consultants and professionals concerned.

The general objective is to create an initiative within communities that they can relate to, participate, benefit and contribute towards the consequences of climate change in our Environment.