Sunday, June 25, 2017


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Diabetes mellitus confers on people living with it a status of high risk of mouth infections, thanks to high glucose level which provides a thriving environment for bacteria and other pathogenic organisms to loose their commensalism status and becomes virulent.
Oral bacterial and fungal infections are enhanced due to high glucose in saliva, poor resistance to infections and dry mouth. These can eventually lead to oral thrush characterized by whitish or reddish patches on the epithelial surfaces of the mouth and tongue and eventual ulcer formation.
Dental challenges are not farfetched as well, there occurs infections of the gums and bone skeleton that holds the teeth in position, blood supply to the gum could be impaired, coupled with dry mouth leading to increased infection of the mouth. These are all crowned with poor selection of the appropriate tooth paste to use.
The truth therefore is that, ignorance of How , Why  the need for care of the mouth is a panacea for halitosis  and eventual teeth falling off and poor blood glucose control despite the person taking all the prescribed medications from “The best Physician”.
Simple remedies to prevent or halt mouth infection includes:
  1. Flossing of the mouth after meal regularly
  2. Brushing of the mouth with appropriate tooth paste and brush at least twice daily.
  3. Use of tooth picks to remove debris of food or meat in between the teeth.
  4. Stop or avoid smoking
  5. Regular visit to the Dentist.
Choice of Tooth paste:
Choice of toothpaste for healthy teeth does not depend on company of production but mostly on the constituents or ingredients of the formulation. There is International colour coding found mostly at the base of the tooth paste that depicts the active constituents combination therein.
The colour comes in square shapes at the base:
RED Square sign:  Constituents contains combination of chemicals and organic substances.
BLUE Square sign: Constituents contains Organic, Natural substances and medications.
GREEN Square sign: Constituents contains Organic or Natural substances as ingredients.
BLACK Square sign: Constituents are mainly chemical based.
For good dental health:
  1. Green Colour  is the best
  2. Blue colour – Can be used from time to time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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