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Diabetes mellitus has been with humans for a longtime. It is a metabolic disorder characterized by abnormal blood sugar levels and other hormones.
As the years go by, several attempts has been made by scientist to bring about better understanding of this abnormally and find out possible remedy or cure. Fredrick Banting and Charles Best in the early 20’s came up with the discovery of Insulin which has been a life saver for over 100 years with great innovation in the various Insulin presentation and purity level increased with advance in technology.
   Efforts  has been ongoing in providing relieve from botanical source with the advent of studies into Pharmacological properties of plants. Medicinal plants have been used for centuries but few are actually scientifically evaluated. The World Health Organization Committee on diabetes mellitus recommended that further research into medicinal plants with potential anti diabetic properties should be sought. Biological properties of pancreatic beta cells involved in synthesis, storage, release of insulin, the peptide hormone regulating carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism – may be affected directly by these herbal medicinal products which contain flavonoids, alkaloids and other compounds which possess hypoglycaemic, hypolipedemic, hypotensive, immunomodulatory and antioxidant effects especially when tested in animals induced to have diabetes with alloxan or streptozotocin.  Pharmacological properties of plants like Achiliea santolina L., Commelina communis L., Gentiana olivieri L., Galega officinalis has been known for years to include anti hyper glycaemia, anti lipidemia amongst others. Indeed the knowledge base of Diabetes is constantly on the increase as the years roll by. However, it is important to note that as good information are being churned out on a daily basis in journals, scientific papers and reviews, so does information that are half truths about diabetes especially cure are also released daily.
   The person living with Diabetes therefore is left in a pool of confusion on what to believe and what to do. It is even more dangerous if this information meets an illiterate or half educated individual, it could be disaster. The main challenge we come across frequently as Diabetes Educators are group of people who believe they have been cured of diabetes simply because their blood sugar levels reduced from previous value to present normoglycaemic values. Blood sugar values are not constant values; they fluctuate based on various conditions like, Diet, Exercise level, emotional state and certain hormone levels. Recipes from plants which are mostly considered as supplements has been known to bring about marked improvement in metabolism and therefore help control blood sugar values, however, they still remain add-on therapy in majority of cases. There are some people living with Diabetes that depend on Diet, Exercise and Education to manage their condition without conventional drugs, this confirms the knowledge that management of Diabetes is individualized but based on four major principles: Diet, Medication, Exercise and Education.
   My interaction with notable Physicians and Diabetologist confirms that Diabetes can indeed be managed. Reduction of blood sugar is possible using some supplements especially those derived from plants, however reduction of blood sugar is not the same thing as Diabetes Cure though a mark sign of cure is reduction of blood sugar to Normal ranges. Normal blood sugar range for fasting is 4 to 6 mmol/L for purpose of management, ignoring the decimals which are mainly of academic significance.
  Whatever supplement you are presently taking that is helping to reduce your blood sugar level is good to review with your health care team instead of throwing your regular medications away that you have been cured.
  Organizations like the International Diabetes Federation and others are working round the clock and around the world to bring about cure for this age old condition called Diabetes mellitus, let us join hands to find a universal cure and pass the right and correct information to our teeming population especially those with low literacy levels who tend to believe and accept everything.

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