Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Man O’ War Bay Training Centre which later became known as Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre is a product of Outward Bound type of Education developed by late Dr Kurt Hahn, a German who later naturalized as a Briton.
He founded the 1st Outward Bound School in Aberdovey, Wales in 1941. Ten years later, late Dr Alec Dickson, a Briton whose special interest was Community Development founded the Man O’ War Bay Training Centre in 1951 in Victoria, Southern Cameroon. It was given a legal status by an ordinance published in the extra ordinary Gazette No 45 of 10th August, 1960 and modified by Decree No 38 of December, 1989.
The Citizenship and Leadership Training Centre, an affiliate member of the Outward Bound Organization World Wide which exist in over fifty Countries of the World is the first in Africa and number two in the World.s
The Centre has trained more than 7 million Nigerians from all works of life since its inception 56years ago. The centre is an informal Educational Institution. It uses the challenges found in the environment to confront participants for the purpose of developing the core values of Courage, Trust, Integrity and Compassion for others.
In order to actualize the development of these core values, the centre incorporates the following into its training programs:
-        Character development
-        Adventure and Challenge
-        Compassion and Service
-        Social and Environmental Responsibility
Schools and institutions have had privilege of getting their students enjoy the training curricula of Citizenship and Leadership Centers across the Country. In my University days, we participated actively in NUMOWCHIN (National Union of Man O’ War Clubs In Higher Institution of Nigeria) am umbrella body of  Man O’ War Clubs in Higher institutions in Nigeria, the trainings that members passed through have remain helpful to them either Men or Other Men  alike in their various endeavours of life today. I am planning to do a study on “Benefits of Citizenship and Leadership Training in Current Day Nigeria” For those who have had the privilege and honour to Share the experience, the journey of self discovery, confidence and compassion for others is the key to volunteerism, a spirit which is lacking in our present day Nigeria. Self discipline is lacking amongst youths today. I urge patriots who have had these training to polish themselves and be useful where ever they are. If you still do your routine exercise like the “morning tea” which I still enjoy very much till date after my usual morning jogging, you will be active and smart in whatever area of life you are involve.
                                  Don’t give up the skill, Man O’ War Wee!!

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