Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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The practice of fasting has been with man from a long time. Religious groups have exploited the principles of fasting to enrich individuals spiritually. In this article, I will attempt to highlight some medical benefits of fasting.
Fasting is an effective and safe method of helping the body detoxifies. Fasting is recommended for some illness, as it gives the body the rest it needs for recovery. Acute illness like colon disorders, allergies respiratory diseases are most responsive to fasting, while chronic degenerative diseases are the list responsive. Relieving the body of the work of food digestion, fasting permits the system to rid itself of toxins while facilitating healing.
Apart from benefits of fasting in times of poor health, regular fasting give all the body organs a rest and help reverse the aging process and ensure a longer and healthier life. The following takes place in the body during fasting:
1.      The natural process of toxin excretion continues, while the influx of new toxins is reduced hence total body toxicity is reduced.
2.      The immune system’s work load is greatly reduced and the digestive tract is spared any inflammation due to allergic reactions to food.
3.      The energy usually used for digestion is redirected to immune function, cell growth and eliminatory processes.
4.      Tissue oxygenation is increased and white blood cells are moved more efficiently due to a lowering of serum fats that thins the blood.
5.      Physical awareness and sensitivity to diet and surroundings are increased.
Due to these effects of fasting, a fast can help healing with greater speed, cleanse the liver, kidneys, and colon, help one lose weight and water, flush out toxins, clear the eyes and tongue. Depending on the length of fast, different purposes area accomplished:
a.      Three days fast helps the body rid itself of toxins and cleanse the blood.
b.      Five days fast begins the process of healing and rebuilding the immune system.
c.        Ten days fast can take care of many problems before the arise and help to fight off illness.
Precaution to be taken during fasting
-         Do not fast on water alone, this is because water alone fast releases toxins too quickly, causing headaches, instead use juice which removes toxins and promotes healing by supplying the body with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
-         For a person with diabetes or any chronic health condition, fasting should be done under supervision or consultation with a health care professional.
-         As a general rule, one should not combine fruit and vegetable juices. Apples are the only fruit that should be added to vegetable juices.
-         The size of the stomach and the amount of secreted digestive juices may decrease during fasting hence the first meals after a fast should be frequent and small.
-         Do not chew gum while on the fast, the digestive process starts when chewing prompts the body to secrete enzymes into the gastrointestinal tract. If there is no food in the stomach, ulcerative stress could occur.
-         During a fast, as toxins are released from the body, one will probably experience a coated tongue and an unpleasant taste in the mouth. To relieve this anomaly, rinse the mouth with fresh lemon juice.

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