Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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With the current prevalence at 366 million persons living with diabetes, the importance of Education cannot be overemphasized for persons living with diabetes and normal individuals. This figure will continue to rise as a quarter of this number may have diabetes without knowing.
Education is one of the cardinal principles of management of diabetes, especially prevention strategies. This is important because, the knowledge about diabetes is dynamic. Most health care professionals were trained with textbooks whose information is obsolete as year’s progresses.
Diabetes Education as currently outlined in International Diabetes Federation (IDF) curricula as simplified into Diabetes Conversation Map Education tool is very handy for not only persons living with diabetes but healthcare professionals manning the health institutions.
IDF recently commenced a pilot project training facilitators to incorporate this education tool into existing or non existing education programme in health care institutions. This noble project needs to be expanded to cover both public and private hospitals in cities and rural areas.. IDF alone cannot foot the bills of these training hence the need for Government and public spirited individuals and organizations to sponsor this project to rapidly integrate Diabetes Conversation Map Education tool into healthcare systems especially in sub-saharan Africa and Nigeria in particular.
There are currently three IDF trained Expert trainers on Diabetes Conversation Map Education tool in Nigeria. They have been involved in training healthcare professionals from selected institutions to integrate this tool into the healthcare system. The Ministry of health needs to support this effort of IDF by collaborating with these trainers to get these trainings to as many states as possible.
This is important and urgent as we don’t have a current statistics on the prevalence of Diabetes in Nigeria. It is common knowledge and observation that many persons especially the working population are coming down with diabetes, if nothing is done about this, the transformation agenda of the present Administration in Nigeria will loose the manpower to drive the change.

Isaac Akogu
Conversation Map Expert Trainer

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