Thursday, July 7, 2011


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Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is chronic in nature. It requires education to be able to cope with the challenges it presents.
Diabetes education already is being recognized within the medical community to be a therapy hence different tools need to be employed to drive home knowledge.
For persons living with hearing impairment as a disability, they must not suffer or lack information because of these challenge. The introduction of sign language has made it easy for educating those with hearing impairment.
Conducting diabetes education using Sign Language is a technique that should be developed specifically for persons living with diabetes and hearing impaired as well.
Currently, existing Sign language symbols are not developed to meet these challenge but with concerted effort and research and effective collaboration, this is achievable. The present revolution in global diabetes awareness must not leave behind these set of persons.
The International Diabetes Federation through collaboration with stakeholders have been able to develop educational materials in many languages of the World, they need for Sign Language for persons living with Diabetes and challenge of hearing.
In sub Saharan Africa, there are a teeming population of persons with this condition and illiterate as well.

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