Monday, July 11, 2011

Diabetes a Burning Issue on the Global Agenda, Not limited to Global health Agenda.

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Incidence of diabetes is increasing Worldwide at a rate that eclipses most other diseases. The WHO estimates that by the year 2030, more than 366 million people will be living with diabetes, this is ten times the number affected by Hiv/Aids. It is even more devastating in that of this figure, more than 298 million people will be living in developing Countries, where the World is currently battling poverty and hunger amongst other challenges.
The major point is this, who will take up this diabetes challenge, why do we all seem not concerned about this epidemic yet we all are either directly or indirectly being affected by diabetes? This is a question I want to pose to every human living currently on planet earth.
As we prepare to celebrate this years’ World Diabetes Day come November 14th , with a theme ‘Diabetes Education and Prevention’, let us strife to know more about diabetes. Research has shown that with Education, Glycaemic control is improved and frank diabetes preventable.
As world leaders meet to discuss diabetes and other non communicable diseases come September, 2011, emphasis should be focused on Diabetes Education.

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