Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Living with Diabetes and participating in Elections

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Diabetes is a chronic disorder in which the body loses its ability to effectively utilize glucose for production of energy due to abnormally with insulin function or action.
Living with diabetes is a daily challenge. It requires an individual understanding the physiology of his or her body. The total glucose level of an individual is a combination of what is eaten and the time the food is consumed.
Diabetes does not stop one participating in any Endeavour of life however, the individual need to adopt special approach towards planning to carry on with daily routine.
The Elections period is here, however, participating in the election to avoid a problem requires some careful planning on the part of anybody living with diabetes.
For a person living with diabetes, before going for elections, the person needs to know what is the state of the blood sugar, take breakfast and drugs or insulin before and go to the polling station with snacks. If the person is on insulin, launch pack must be carried along to avoid complications like hypoglycemia which is an emergency and considering that it is crowd, wrong decisions may be taken during such eventuality.
The authorities conducting elections should have a plan for people with diabetes and other health challenges and get necessary first aid measures readily available at polling centres.
Living with diabetes does not stop an individual participating in election but wrong planning could

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