Monday, December 20, 2010

Diabetes Education in Middle-age Schools

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Diabetes Education is a recent phenomenon which is an ingredient for Diabetes prevention strategies. The relevance of Diabetes Education cannot be by any means overemphasized. It is relevant to health care professionals, persons living with diabetes, relations of persons with diabetes and those at risk of developing diabetes.
Majority of the damages posed by diabetes is fueled by ignorance which can be effectively cured with education. Schools are environment for learning both moral and academic. It is the environment where peers are much influenced. This is the breeding ground for poor hygiene and eating habits and lifestyle that are on a long run injurious to the body wellbeing. This is the avenue where most smokers where given birth to!
Introducing diabetes education to school curricula is indeed a necessity to help address some of these ills at infancy. Diabetes Education does not involve diabetes matters alone but useful information on how best to enjoy a healthy life style.
Seasoned expert trainers should be sponsored to carry out trainers training to enable reach out to majority of persons living with diabetes presently and to help fight the damage ignorance is posing to those already with diabetes and those at risk of diabetes.
Diabetes education in middle age schools will automatically assist the school in meal planning; there will be appropriate regulation of beverage and fast foods vendors in around school environment and general consciousness on healthy living techniques.

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