Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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With the increasing prevalence and incidence of diabetes globally, it is pertinent that diabetes education be incorporated into school curricula. However, for those who are out of school or not opportune to enjoy formal education, it becomes a challenge towards meeting their educational needs.
Majority of the problems of diabetes is fueled by ignorance. It is eminent across board both in on the part of health professionals and persons living with diabetes.
With the outcome of motion pictures, new revolution evolves on how stories and information are passed across to different class of the population. With the introduction of home videos in Nigeria in the 90’s, Africans all over the world got new ways of listening, seeing and feeling the challenges of Africans as told by Africans. These medium has been used to address challenges of female genital mutilation, the problems and ways of preventing vesico vaginal fistula. These medium is equally being exploited to send home the message of HIV infection prevention. This medium is also useful if properly organized by professionals to address the paucity of information and ignorance surrounding diabetes prevention strategies.
As we celebrate this year’s World diabetes day 2010, with a theme of “Diabetes Education and Prevention”, the motion picture as a tool for diabetes education should be considered using local languages like Hausa, Swahili, French, and English. This will help fight ignorance which is fueling the increase incidence of diabetes and other non communicable diseases.

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