Sunday, October 24, 2010



World Diabetes Day – a day set aside by the United Nations following resolution 61/225 on Dec 20th 2006 in conjunction with International Diabetes Federation for Diabetes Advocacy, awareness, support and care for persons Living with Diabetes and those at risk of diabetes. The beauty of this years’ celebration is that it coincides with the UN Summit year on Non communicable diseases of which diabetes mellitus is a major stateholder. It is my fervent prayers along with many other concerned persons and institutions am sure for a Global Fund to be set aside for the purpose of diabetes awareness, research, support and care to help check Diabetes edpidemic and other non communicable diseases like cancer and others.
Going through the website of International Diabetes Federation, a number of activities has been lined up to celebrate this occasion. These ranges from Walk shows, concerts, blue lighting festivities amongst others. The theme of this year’s celebration is Diabetes Education and Prevention. It is important that as we carry out our activities in line with this theme, we need not only educate people about healthy living style alone but also Education about the need for everyone to be committed to do something about Diabetes. People in Government need to make definite commitment regarding appropriate Legislation concerning sales of fast foods and beverages around junior and high grade schools ,introduction of healthy living as a subject in school curricula. Above all provision of support to persons living with Diabetes especially orphans and widows in area of procurement of drugs especially insulin and other accessories like glucometers amongst others to relieve the pressure and encourage people living with Diabetes.

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