Monday, October 25, 2010


Continuous Glucose monitoring Devices are recent phenomenon in diabetes management (CGMD). This devices are products of painstaking research effort towards improved glucose control in people living with diabetes.
They come in different shapes, sizes and functions but the entire goal is the same. It enable an individual knows what happens to the glucose in 24 hours of the day and there are graphic displays to further help enumerate the situation and most have alarm installed for hypoglycaemic situation and hyperglycaemic situation as well.
Persons living with diabetes are able to eat freely and yet be in control, since they can estimate their calorie needs in the day.
The challenges associated with use of this devices entails what happens when an individual goes to an environment where the devices are not available or some components like insulin differ in brand or type. The device could malfunction or get soaked in water. This situations may pose a big issue if the occur, hence it is good to always have the contact of your doctor, go with spare device and the manufacturer of such devices should ensure even distribution around the world since the World is already a global village at affordable cost with ease of access.
These devices are being improved upon almost on yearly bases yet there are many countries of this world, where this continuous glucose monitoring are mere imagination and television displays. The manufacturers of this products should do more to get this products to end users because I believe that is when the chain of production is fully complete.

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