Monday, September 20, 2010

Millenium Development Goals, Any hope for people living with Diabetes?

The millenium development goals is a novel initiative by world leaders to adddress the problems affecting people world over especially in Africa. It is estimated that by 2015 many countries will meet up with set objectives. Taking a critical look at MDG goal 6, Diabetes and other NCDs are cleanly eliminated, how come this omission, it is that Diabetes and other NCDs are not a problem? It is sad to note that countries especially in Subsaharan Africa don't realize the potential danger that this pose, the concentrate mainly on malaria and Hiv because many foreign donors support these with funds and diabetes and other NCDs have no funding, hence they are not considered as a global challenge. I take solace and consolation in the words of UN sec General Mr Ban Ki Moon that NCDs are a public health emergency in slow motion. As over one hundred and forty leaders meet today to delebrate on the MDG goals, Let one of them have the courage to mention the efforts they are doing towards NCDs especially diabetes.

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