Thursday, August 26, 2010


Old habits die hard - so goes the popular saying. The habit of smoking has been in existence for a long time.Pictures and findings from early times reveal that smoking activity either directly or indirectly has been practiced by man for long.
What then are the best technique and strategies towards handling this age old habit?
Recently in my effort to find answers to my many questions, I had an audience with a traditional healer- he opined that smoking is a spiritual spell that can be casted out via incantations and some herbs. I then journeyed to have a session witha priest who smoke. He told me to encourage people not to smoke and that he is going to quit as soon as he attains age 75. In the medical world there are presently electronic cigars, nicotine patch and many other devices available to enable one quit smoking and henc live healthy with diabetes.
The question that am yet to answer in cause of my research is thus:
Is it possible to quit smoking having all these means available witout Discipline?

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